Identifying Chord Sounds

Ear Training Chord Game #3247G
October 13, 2023

Game ID #3247G - Same or Different

Part of setting up our music students for success is teaching them to listen to what they hear. It seems so easy for us teachers, but some students really struggle to tell the difference between two groups of sounds. That’s why this SproutBeat chords ear training game is so helpful!

How is this game played?

In this game, students don’t have to label or describe what they hear. They just click one of the play buttons and notice if the pairs of sounds are the same or different. Then, they drag each play-button circle to either the frogs that are the same or the frogs that are different—no reading required!

Before starting, students can choose to play with a 30-second timer or without. You might choose to play without the timer during their music lesson, but then challenge them to play with the timer during the week. Students can also play it multiple times to beat their previous score.

Who is this game a good fit for?

The chord audio samples are major and minor triads in Treble Clef, making this game a perfect fit for those in Piano Adventures Level 2A or other similar methods. Again, students don’t have to be able to play chords to be successful at this game. They just need to be able to identify if the chords match or are different.

When paired with SproutBeat’s other chords ear training games, you can build a customized comprehensive music theory program tailored to each student.

How do I find this game?

To find this game and assign it to your students, use the search icon in the top left of the app site and search for “3247G”. It’s also under the Ear Training category.



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