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Extensive library of special worksheets

Extensive library of special worksheets

SproutBeat™ gives your students colorful and fun worksheets created specifically for music theory.  Leading teachers and method writers seek our worksheets out, and you can only find them here.


Unique iPad app turns theory into play

Unique iPad app turns theory into play

When is the last time your students asked for more homework?  Students love drawing with the SproutBeat™ app’s virtual pens and markers, so learning comes naturally.


Easy to assign, turn in, & grade assignments

Easy to assign, turn in, & grade assignments

SproutBeat™ is the only teaching supplement that is also a tool for easily assigning, receiving and grading worksheets.  It’s all online and instantaneous.  No more excuses about missing homework!


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George Litterst

SproutBeat™ was a terrific product when it first came out, and now, it is challenging to describe the excellent enhancements in the new version. If I may mix my metaphors freely, I would describe it as an amazing teaching resource on steroids that has made the leap to hyperspace!


An excellent resource for any piano teacher. The worksheets are fun, appealing to young students, and are very comprehensive. I love being able to pull out just the right worksheet for each student.


I love that the worksheets use lots of colour and cute graphics – great for young kids. My favourite has to be the cards on directional reading. A well-thought and invaluable resource.


I am thrilled to see your worksheets in app form! I purchased your app because it is much nicer to have them organized like this and each one is so well done. My students love it too. Thank you for making your great material available as an app.

Well worth every dollar.

Sample Worksheets

SproutBeat™ is the source for fun, colorful theory supplements that kids actually enjoy.  The large and growing library covering a wide array of topics means you’ll have the worksheet you need for the lesson you’re teaching.