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Cheryl Wiker, USA

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Marti Ahern, USA

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Buffy Currens, USA

“A well-thought and invaluable resource.”

Stephenie Lee, Singapore

“Theory will get done because it’s fun!”

Leah Drake, USA

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Lizbeth Atkinson, USA

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Anna Fagan, USA

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Pamela Jack, USA

Every Student

Create individualized learning plans for each music student, no matter their level or capability.

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Enrich each lesson with games and worksheets to reinforce theory concepts, both online and in person.


Manage music theory assignments from any location, regardless of where students are in the world.

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"My favorite part of SproutBeat is knowing that theory will get done because it's fun!"

— Leah Drake, USA

"Most of my students don’t speak English, but [by using SproutBeat] they learn English--kills two birds with one stone."

–Kaori Shibuya, Japan

"Whenever students are fidgety or need a change of pace, I simply tell them we are going to play a game and, instantly, the mood and focus changes."

— Lizbeth Atkinson, USA

"I love that the worksheets use lots of colour and cute graphics – great for young kids. ... A well-thought and invaluable resource."

— Stephenie Lee, Singapore

"[A] wonderful resource for my in-person as well as online teaching. ... [M]any of the worksheets are short and quick, ... and students don’t feel overwhelmed."

–Phyllis Pan, USA

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