What is SproutBeat?

SproutBeat is a web app with 3000+ music theory interactive games and worksheets that teachers can assign and complete with their students.

Find everything you need

Extensive library

Use the Categories section or the “search” function to find what you need. Click the buttons along the top to further narrow your results.

View only worksheets or only games by toggling those icons near the top left.

Organize it your way

Customized folders

See our pre-tagged library that supports popular methods, state theory curricula, and other exam boards.

Or create your own folders in My Library to perfectly fit your teaching style.

No More Lost Assignments

Online theory homework

Break free from the traditional theory book! Everything is included within the app. Games are auto-graded, worksheets use on-screen writing tools, and assignments are turned in and graded all in one place.

No emails, no printing!

Standardize learning

Streamline your school

Add employee teachers, group students with similar criteria, communicate through our notes feature, and set up friendly competition for your students.

Embrace technology and empower your teachers!

Life with SproutBeat

Let us help you add more value to your studio.

Free up time for things you love

We have created thousands of resources that you can easily find all in one place–no more having to scour the internet. We’ve also organized content to align with common method books for quick assigning. Since the interactive games are auto-graded, you can also spend less time grading! Just visit the Completed section to see how your students are doing.

We strive to provide as much value as we can to make your teaching career enjoyable and free up your time for the things you love.

Students feel like they have you with them at home

Can you imagine how much your students would improve if you were right there during their practice sessions, especially when trying to work on ear training? Since the interactive games give instant feedback, that’s exactly what we provide. Each game allows students to self-correct and can be played as many times as needed until the concepts are understood.

Students absolutely love our games and worksheets! We have heard from many teachers all over how their students are asking for even more homework since starting SproutBeat. And that’s pretty awesome. 🙂

A little healthy competition can be helpful

SproutBeat awards points for each completed assignment. Teachers can also set up a Studio Challenge to increase students’ motivation. There is also a monthly Global Challenge for all students who use SproutBeat all over the world!

We listen to our teachers

Our platform allows us to publish content quickly and easily. No waiting for printing or shipping to get the latest updates.

We can also customize content to suit a particular need. Just let us know and if we have enough interest, we’ll make it happen!

Explore new materials and resources

We are constantly adding new content based on our experience using SproutBeat in our own studios, as well as from the many ideas shared in our Facebook group and via our contact form.

Also, feel free to explore our blog for more ideas and tips to get the most out of SproutBeat. We are a close community of music teachers, and we’d love for you to join us.

Only pay for what you need with our pricing-per-student model

Our premium plan starts with five student licenses. At any time, you can visit your account settings and use the slider to increase your student load, even if it’s just by one student license! And, we’ll even show you how much your cost goes down per student.

Make extra money using out-of-the-box ideas

We know investing in technology gets expensive. Here are some ideas for how SproutBeat can help you set aside some income to keep everything up to date.

You could offer unique lesson options for students who could work on theory homework no matter where they are, even if they are on your waitlist, on vacation, or just taking a break from weekly lessons. Or you can include SproutBeat in your tech time or summer camp options.

We even have a handy “Show me the math” calculator in your account settings to figure out how much money you could make per student with these creative lesson options.

If you need help brainstorming more ideas, contact us at [email protected].

Get started today!