Comparing Two Sounds

October 14, 2023

Game ID #2002G - Same or Different

This interactive music theory game helps beginning students compare two sounds, an essential skill for developing strong ear training skills.

How is this game played?

In this game, students don’t have to label or describe what they hear; they just notice if the pairs of sounds are the same or different.

Then, they drag the outline of the owl they clicked on to either the two owls that match (bottom left) or the two owls that are different (bottom right). Students can choose to turn on or off the 50-second timer and can play as many times as they wish.

Who is this game a good fit for?

This is a great game to use with assessing ability at the very first lesson, with early beginners who aren’t reading text yet, or for any students who struggle with hearing the difference between high and low sounds. It works nicely with any primer or preschool method series.

How do I find this game?

To find this game and assign it to your students, use the search icon in the top left of the app site and search for “2002G”.



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