Tutorial Videos

Here are some videos to help you get started!

Use lists and sublists to organize content for “My Library”

Edit list name or deleting list from “My Library”

How to organize content into “My Library”

Tips on finding what you need quickly

Use games for practice, and worksheets as assessment

Create student accounts for online assignments

Edit your account information and how to change your plan

Create a shortcut on your iPad and open it with a single tap

How to write on a worksheet or play a game

Student online assignment: how to assign, grade, and check homework

Communicate with your students about their assignment

Organize your students into groups. It allows assigning homework to all with a click

Need to drop a student? Manage and edit your student details.

Run a music school? Create employee teacher accounts and connect their students

Managing employee teacher accounts

Tutorial video for your students to get them started

Resources that make your students smile