Beginning Students Using Piano Safari

Beginning Students Using Piano Safari

Do you have beginning students using Piano Safari?

Visit the SproutBeat Library and check out the “Methods” section to see a curated list of games and worksheets that correspond directly with Piano Safari Book 1, including the Intro Unit.


Book 1, Intro Unit

Select 'Piano Safari' method from the drop-down list.
Select the Piano Safari Book and the Unit you'd like to view.

Just head to the main screen of the web app, click “Methods,” and then select “Piano Safari” from the drop-down list. From there you can choose which book and which unit within that book.

To supplement the Intro Unit, we’ve created customized games and worksheets specific to Piano Safari. Have fun with the rhythm words for Charlie Chipmunk, Kangaroo, and Zechariah Zebra. Explore the different rhythm patterns from the sight reading cards. Build auditory awareness through simple ear training samples that correlate directly with this method. Review basic music terminology, like measures and bar lines, in ways that make sense to new beginners.

A list of SproutBeat games and worksheets that correspond to Piano Safari, Book 1, Intro unit.

Supplementing with SproutBeat during the week can really solidify students’ learning and help them progress faster, setting them up for even more success later.

Learn more about the Piano Safari method here.