Lizbeth Atkinson

Lizbeth Atkinson

SproutBeat worksheets and games are used in almost every lesson I teach. The tab is always open on my computer, and it is extremely easy to click on a folder and find a worksheet or game that coincides with the concepts I am presenting.

Eik is constantly adding more to the folders. My students love spending time in the app and seeing their progress. I am able to track each student’s progress and grade and return worksheets as needed.

Students are quite competitive, so I like to send out reports to parents occasionally to notify them as to who is in the lead.

These games and worksheets are easy to share on zoom meetings. Students can play the matching games by me giving them control of the mouse. They can draw lines on worksheets and games using their zoom pen. It has been so helpful during quarantine. Whenever students are fidgety or need a change of pace, I can simply tell them we are going to play a game and instantly, the mood and focus changes.

When our local chapter of OhioMTA needed some worksheets and games for ear training for our Scale Olympics testing, Eik worked with me to create them so they would be tailored specifically for our event. This resource has come in very handy year after year.

This has been one of the best investments I have made in the past few years and I plan to keep this subscription going!

Lizbeth Atkinson

Piano Teacher, USA