Leah Drake of Vibrant Valley Music Studio

Leah Drake of Vibrant Valley Music Studio

Leah Drake of Vibrant Valley Music Studio

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Need ideas for a music practice incentive program?

Leah Drake is a SproutBeat power user!

Since her music studio is made up of mostly group classes, you might think it’s hard to incorporate SproutBeat‘s online theory into lesson time. Not so! Through parent education and fun music practice incentives, she has her students trained to regularly complete their assignments during the week.

To do this, Leah creates individual student accounts inside her SproutBeat student section. She then helps students (and parents, if needed) learn how to access the website. On their own time, students visit the SproutBeat app site to play any of the theory games or fill out the digital worksheets that show up in their Assigned section. They love that the games are short and fun, and they can choose to play them as many times as they want.

Leah says:

I love how [SproutBeat] lets me personalize assignments and award points to each student. I have an incentive program that allows students to exchange their SproutBeat points for prizes. I also occasionally print out worksheets to use for assessment throughout the year.

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Check out this fun music practice incentive program her studio participated in during the first semester of 2023:

About Leah

Leah Drake is an independent studio owner in San Jose, California. She teachers primarily in groups with both same level and multi-level formats and loves to incorporate technology into her teaching and business admin.

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