Sidebar Part 3 of 11: Employee Teachers

Sidebar Part 3 of 11: Employee Teachers

In this series of articles, we’re highlighting the different options found in the SproutBeat Navigation Sidebar. Part 3 covers the third icon: Employee Teachers. (If you missed our in-depth article on the SproutBeat Library, click here to read Part 1.)

If you run a multi-teacher music school and want to integrate SproutBeat into your teaching methods, we’ve got you covered. For every 10 student accounts, you’ll be able to create an employee teacher account.

Here’s how it works:

  • Studio 10: Includes 10 student accounts, one admin account (that’s you!), and 1 employee teacher.
  • Studio 20: Consists of 20 student accounts, one admin account, and 2 employee teachers.
  • Studio 30: Features 30 student accounts, one admin account, and 3 employee teachers, and so on.


What can the administrator do?

As the admin, you have the power to handle all the administrative tasks, such as creating student and teacher accounts, organizing groups, managing student and teacher accounts, and updating plan/payment information. Plus, you have full access to the SproutBeat library, making it a comprehensive tool for both teaching and administration.


What can employee teachers do in SproutBeat?

Employee teachers, while not having access to account management functions, get to enjoy the SproutBeat library and have access to their connected students. This setup equips them with all they need to be effective teachers in your music school.


Getting Started

Creating a teacher account is a straightforward process, similar to setting up a student account. Once the account is ready, you can easily connect students to the respective teacher. For a step-by-step guide, be sure to watch this tutorial video.

Happy teaching and managing your multi-teacher music school with SproutBeat!