Ms Becki of The Music Studio

Ms Becki of The Music Studio

Ms Becki of The Music Studio

Ms Becki Laurent

Say hello to Ms. Becki!

Becki Laurent has been using technology in her teaching even before it was cool. 😆 She recently recorded this video all about her technology journey and how she learned about SproutBeat. She also shares some of her favorite games and worksheets to use with her students.

What Ms. Becki says about SproutBeat:

  • Everything is quick and easy to help students with short attention spans.
  • It helps teachers expand on concepts to cement learning.
  • Gamifying students’ learning helps them retain what they learn.
  • It’s great for double-checking comprehension during a lesson.
  • Anytime you say “let’s play a game” they are going to perk up.

About Becki

Founder and owner of The Music Studio in Lubbock, Texas, Ms. Becki has a knack for being on the cutting edge of teaching philosophies and strategies. When challenges arise, she takes them head-on to advocate for those who need help.

You can hear more about her journey with teaching students with dyslexia, ADHD, and more on these podcast episodes:

Ms. Becki is also a published author! You can read more about her books and her pursuits in these articles:

To get in touch with Ms. Becki about interviews, presentations, and more, email [email protected].