Reviewing Major Triads

Reviewing Major Triads

Worksheet ID #2491W - C Major Triad

If you’re looking for a worksheet to review the C major triad, look no further! Build a triad with letter names, mark where it belongs on the keyboard, and write where it lives on the Bass and Treble Staves.

Ready to review other major triads?

Here are all the worksheets in this series:

  • A Major – #2496W
  • B Major – #2497W
  • C Major – #2491W
  • D Major – #2492W
  • E Major – #2493W
  • F Major – #2494W
  • G Major – #2495W
What do students need to know before using these worksheets?

This series of worksheets is helpful for students who have learned almost all the notes on the Grand Staff and are familiar with major scales that start on a white key. It correlates well with students in Piano Adventures Levels 2A and 2B, but any student can use them.

How do I find these worksheets?

Quickly find one at a time by using the search icon in the top left of the app site to enter the ID number you’re looking for. Or you can view them all at once by visiting the category Chords and then filtering for Worksheets and Major Triads.