How does SproutBeat® work on your devices?

SproutBeat® was built for tablets.

Instantly find the worksheet you’re looking for. Mark it up right on the device using our built-in tools then clear it for the next student and move on.  There’s no more printing, no more hassle, and no more lost homework assignments.

With tons of resources and ease of use, SproutBeat® isn’t just a “cool” app, it’s a complete theory system that will soon be an essential part of your teaching.

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Even when they are on vacation.

Because it’s done through the app, distance is no longer an issue. You can assign them homework even when they are oceans away, or if they've just left their theory book at home.

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Turning In
No dogs will ever eat their homework again.

All homework can be completed and turned in remotely. Never would you hear “I left my theory book at home...but I did it!” And an iPad, or Android tablet is an expensive treat for a dog.

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It can be done between lessons.

You will always know if they have completed or understood the homework before they show up for the next lesson. Lesson planning has just gotten easier.

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Dare to be different. It’s okay.

Each student has different learning needs. SproutBeat provides the tools to customize a perfect workbook for each student. It’s time to individualize their theory assignments.

Create custom folders for fast access.

Our Studio and Studio+ level memberships let you create unlimited custom folders in the SproutBeat app. Whether it's by student, level or day of the week, you'll have all your favorite theory supplements right where you need them.

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Your printer is going to get lonely.

Say goodbye to toner and paper, not to mention the associated costs. Though you can always print the worksheets if you need them, you'll quickly see that there's a better way. Assign and grade homework right on your tablet or computer and put your printer on Craigslist.

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Why SproutBeat?

Watch your students get excited about learning and doing theory homework. We constantly upload new worksheets. And we also accept worksheet request from teachers. Requested worksheets can be uploaded within days. It’s like having your own publisher. But faster.

Preview of SproutBeat app
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