Make money with SproutBeat™

SproutBeat™ was built with the teacher in mind.

It started when co-founder, Eik Mar, a piano teacher herself, needed a theory resource to make her teaching life easier. She also knew that, although people teach for many reasons, most teachers aren’t getting rich teaching music.

We want to help. SproutBeat™ offers teachers the theory supplements they need while providing a way to make a little extra money at the same time.

SproutBeat™ is about connecting teachers and students.

If you are on the Standard or Plus plans, you may have students who would love to be connected so that they can do their assignments at home. The students can pay for their own licenses at retail price of $5/month or $50/year. You get all the benefit of the SproutBeat™ system that way but there’s no financial gain.

Instead of students paying us directly, why not add that $5 to your tuition every month?  You’ll only pay us $3 per student. That’s a profit of $2 per student every month. If you need help figuring out which plan is right for you, feel free to contact us.

There's a better way to connect.
Those pennies add up.

With the extra $2/student a month, you will be able to make up to $300 a year with only 10 students. Ten students. Imagine how much money you could make with 30 or 40 students.  You don’t have to imagine.  We’ve done the math for you.  We’re excited about it and we think you will be too.

Students lose interest after weeks or months with no lessons. With SproutBeat™ you can keep those students engaged even though they might be miles away; increasing the liklihood that they’ll come back to lessons when the holiday is over.

Losing students? SproutBeat™ can help.
Summer is on us.

With SproutBeat™, you can maintain your students’ momentum over the summer. We built 2 free months into our annual pricing plans so that you can keep your students’ motivated, and their accounts active year-round.

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