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A huge library of fun worksheets. And several ways to get to it.

SproutBeat® is more than a collection of worksheets – it’s a digital workbook with unlimited pages. It puts 1200+ resources at your fingertips. It makes the task of tediously searching for supplemental material a thing of the past. Now you’ll always have just the right supplement for your students when they need them. It’s a piece of cake. Whatever plan you choose, you can look for worksheets through the website or through the web, or iOS apps. SproutBeat® has worksheets on many topics. They are all student-approved and, in a word, awesome.

Extensive library.
Extensive library.

We aim to provide educational worksheets for your students. There are currently over 1200 worksheets covering many different topics in the SproutBeat® library. Worksheets are tagged by category for quick reference.

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Companion web and iPad apps.

You can access all the worksheets through our web and iPad apps. And with our built-in markup tools, you can also complete the worksheets directly on the iPad or Android device. You can also assign, turn in and grade students’ assignment.

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Companion iPad app
Membership plans.

We have three membership levels; free, studio and studio +. Each level offers great ways to save money and time. Whether your studio is small or big, there is a plan that suits your needs. You may upgrade, downgrade or cancel at anytime.

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Managing your account.

All of your account housekeeping is done on the website. Log in to your account to add or invite students, change your membership plan, or update your payment information.

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Managing your account
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Experience SproutBeat® for free at the Free level to see if this is something for your studio. SproutBeat® has a membership plan that’s right for you. Studio membership is $9 a month and when you upgrade to studio + licenses you’ll see that you can even make money with SproutBeat®. That’s better than free.

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