Frequently Asked Questions

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What is SproutBeat?

SproutBeat is a digital theory resource system. We create fun, engaging theory resources for teachers to use with their students. These resources can be used during lessons or assigned through the application. No email, no printing.

We create a huge variety of resources so that teachers are always prepared for unexpected lessons.

Learn more by visiting our Overview page.

Are there any SproutBeat tutorial videos?

YES! We have created several short videos to help you get started. Each video focuses on a feature or one of the commonly asked questions.

These videos are available on the SproutBeat app, but you can also visit our tutorial video page to get started.

How is the interactive game different from the worksheet?

The interactive games provide instant feedback to students as they play the games. At the end of each game, the system will calculate the accuracy of the student’s answers and provide them with a score. Since our game pieces are randomized, this is a great practice tool as students can play the games multiple times to master the theory concept.

Our worksheets are like digital theory pages. With the built-in writing tools, teachers and students can write or draw directly on the device screen. Just like a theory book, all worksheet assignments will need to be checked and graded by the teacher. Since most worksheets can be completed within 15 seconds, which make them perfect as an “assessment” tool. A quick review of previous lessons has never been this easy.

What device do I need?

SproutBeat is a web-based application, so any device with a browser would work – a computer, iPad, or tablet. We strongly recommend using Chrome or Safari browsers as we tested the application extensively with these browsers.

We do not recommend using SproutBeat on a phone due to its small screen. It will not be a user-friendly experience on such a small screen.

Is SproutBeat a method book?

SproutBeat is NOT a method book. We provide resources for teachers to use along with their preferred method books. However, we have pre-organized content for some more commonly used method books and curricula. We hope this will save teachers time from having to sort through the resources for these books.

Does SproutBeat provide resources for ear training?

Yes! We have created resources for ear training in both the interactive game and worksheet formats. You can find many ear training interactive games on intervals, rhythmic patterns, and directional reading. We are hoping to add more ear training resources in the near future.

Check out our Samples page to see what we have in store for you!

Can I request custom games or worksheets for my students?

Yes. Though we have over 2500+ resources in the library. If you don’t find what you need for your students, please let us know and we’ll try our best to create them for you.

We can be your personal publisher.

Can my students use SproutBeat at home?

Yes. All accounts come with a set of student licenses. If the student has an account, then you can assign games or worksheets to the student to be completed at home. Students with an account will be able to access their assignments at home on their own devices.

Students can only access games or worksheets that you have assigned.

What value can SproutBeat provide for online lessons?

Many teachers have been screen sharing worksheets during online lessons with their students. We created a series of “Tic Tac Toe” and “I Spy” content to help make online lessons more engaging. With the number of resources available, teachers are now much better prepared to tackle unexpected needs during lessons.

Our online theory assignment system offers a great way to assign, turn in, and grade theory homework digitally. The teacher can now find out ahead of lesson time if the student has completed his or her assignment.

How much does SproutBeat cost?

Our membership starts at $15/month or $135/year with 5 student licenses. You can add more students at any time to meet your needs. We recommend teachers collecting $3 per student a month to cover SproutBeat membership. We have had many teachers successfully added SproutBeat to their studio and were able to make a little extra money while using SproutBeat.

How do I sign up for an account?

Visit our “Plans” page and pick a plan that’s best for you. If you have questions and would like to chat with one of our representatives, please send us a note.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, if you sign up for a monthly plan, you can cancel at any time and we won’t bill you again after the membership cycle has ended. However, if you are on an annual plan, and cancel before the end of your term, you’ll still have access to the application until the end of your membership cycle. Early cancellation of an annual plan does not warrant a refund on your account.