Account Management

Here’s a quick summary of what kind of housekeeping you can do on the website or on your iPad.

Here’s a short video on account management.


At the home tab, you can change your first name, last name, address and email address. There is also a link to change password should you need it.


The subscriptions tab shows the current plan that you sign up, the next billing date, and also the expiration date of your credit card. You may also upgrade or downgrade your plan from this tab.


This is where you add new students to join SproutBeat. This tab also shows you which students are connected. You may also remove a student here when they quit lesson.


The payments tab allows you to see all your credit card transactions history. If we made an error in billing, we can sure take care of it.

“Account Management” on iPad?

There are only 2 “Account Management” features on the iPad.

1) Change your password in the settings

2) Drop a student in the student profile view

Yup! That’s all.